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Our Preschool

Our Philosophy: 


Doonside Kindergarten is an inclusive community where each child and family know they are safe, valued and respected. Through experiential learning, children are encouraged to explore, understand and investigate their environment and develop their learning potential in order to encourage and support their ongoing education.


Developed by the children, families and staff, September 2013


Our Mission is to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment that promotes and enhances each child's autonomy, creativity, initiative, self-esteem and confidence within the context of a co-operative setting (EYLF, 2009).

Our Logo "the hand of friends" was designed by one of our preschoolers. It encapsulates the essence of our preschool - symbolising a community of faces - all different in their own way, but all are an integral part of the wider 'hand' of our community.

Copyright 2013 Doonside Kindergarten Inc. 

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